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MarvEllis Work is a handyman service that has pride in the finished job. Innovative thinking and quality first is the priority. Feel confident your repairs or construction is in good hands.

Satisfaction guaranteed

I take pride in my work and if it is not to your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to let me know. I focus my business on small jobs and that has very different incentives than large construction or full remodel projects. Small projects happen more frequently, so it pays to treat clients right; they likely will use my service again! There is no need to run up the bill or convince you to fix things that don’t need fixing. I want you to be a happy, paying client who’ll call me back whenever you need me. If I have missed something or it does not meet your expectations or what we had agreed, I will make the best effort to make it right.

Competitive Pricing

I have two basic billing plans, the first and least complex is time and materials. I bill for the time it takes to complete the job and add in the cost of materials to do the job. Time and material pricing means I charge the for the actual hours and actual material costs incurred to do the work. Sometimes a rough estimate can be given, but whatever the costs are, that’s what the client is asked to pay. The final price of the project is known once the project is complete. This pricing is usually reserved for jobs/projects less than an estimated cost of $2500. In time and material pricing, I charge an hourly rate of $60 per hour for labor. The minimum charge for any job or project is $60. I have a very small geographic radius without incurring travel time in the hourly rate. My travel rate is the same as my job/project rate and considered part of the job. I am a local handyman and like to provide the opportunity to other local handymen to service their own local communities as I do mine.

Community-Friendly Sourcing

I love our community and when possible I source parts and material from locally owned and operated stores. I have found the pricing to be competitive and it gives me the opportunity to stay local.

Small job Home help

Hanging a shelf or Pictures, changing lightbulbs, fixing a dent in a wall. No job is too small, and it leaves time for what you enjoy. Let me help.

Custom Cabinetry

Truly custom cabinetry. I will match your current design, develop a new design, or just build and install a a handy storage container.

Light Plumbing

Truly custom cabinetry. I will match your current design, develop a new design, or just build and install a a handy storage container.

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Suede & Fur

Professional, trustworthy cleaning of your most fragile items


Maintain the quality of your luxury items with our repair services


High-quality and eco-friendly drapery and curtain cleaning services

wash &

Take care of the basics with our dependable wash & fold service


Luxury dry cleaning services with free pick-up and delivery

Wedding Dress

Keep your wedding dress as white as ever with our delicate cleaning


A superior ironing service, picked up and delivered to you for free


We can clean everything, even your carpet or rugs

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“I’m always impressed with the service from Clark & Sons dry cleaning. They are true professionals and consistently do a great job.”
Susan Connelly
“The only business I trust with my valuable clothing items. Whenever I need something done, I can rely on them for fast and quality service.”
Leona Hutton

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